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Join our mission to keep one million plastic detergent bottles out of landfill

What we're about

What we're about

We believe that small changes to the way we live, can have a significant impact on the environment for the better.

Our product has the potential to change the way a huge number of people purchase laundry detergent, which would mean a substantial reduction in the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfill. Unlike some eco-friendly choices, we make this extremely easy and cost effective for people to adopt.

We offer our affiliates commission on purchases for the lifetime of any subscription introduced. This means that over time, it is possible to build substantial passive income, all whilst helping to reduce plastic consumption.

We will also be introducing additional products over time, giving you the opportunity to earn commission on any other products your subscribers buy.

We're looking forward to working together!

Earn a substantial
passive income

Because we pay out commission for the life of all subscriptions, affiliates enjoy passive, recurring income for the duration. This means that over time, there is the opportunity to generate substantial income.

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