How do I login to my account?

Go to the 'Manage Account' link in the top navigation menu.

You'll be asked for the email address you originally checked out with, to which you'll be sent a one-time passcode. If you've changed or can't access the email you used, just email and we'll change it for you.

Setting up a password (optional)

You can continue to use the one-time passcode method of logging in, or set up a password as demonstrated below:

How do I pause my subscription?

To pause your subscription, login to your customer portal. Click into your subscription above the 'Account Information' link and you will see the "Pause Subscription' option. Choose the length of time you would like to pause your subscription for. You can resume or 'unpause' your subscription at any time.

Resuming your subscription

If you resume your subscription prior to your next renewal date, then your subscription will renew on that date, as it normally would. However, if your subscription is still paused at your next renewal date, the subsequent resumption date will be the renewal date. For instance, if a subscription which renews 1st of every month was resumed (from paused state) on the 10th of the next month, the subscription renewal date will now be updated to 10th.

I need to increase/decrease the number of boxes delivered 

Ordered a little too much, or not enough? Not a problem. Log into your portal and click into the white panel containing your subscription details, titled 'Delivery every X weeks'. Then click 'Manage your subscription'. As illustrated in the animation, you are able to reduce or increase the number of boxes delivered on your renewal date.

In the example below, you can see a subscription for 2 boxes delivered every 4 weeks, scheduled to renew on the 22nd August. The number of boxes is reduced to 1, and the charge is correspondingly reduced. The same logic applies to an increase in quantity.

Can I order additional on an ad-hoc basis (one-off)

If you are an existing subscriber, then you can order additional boxes whenever you want by emailing We will shortly be introducing this functionality to your customer portal, and will be in touch once this is integrated.

If you are reading this as a new customer, and would like to try our sheets but aren't sure about subscribing, remember you're free to pause, cancel or amend your subscription whenever you wish.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel whenever you want (and then resume at a later date if you'd like). Just log in to your portal and go to the 'Cancel subscription' tab. Please note that we'll need 24 hours notice from the date of your next order.

How do I change my payment details?

Log in to your portal and go to the 'Payments' tab and click edit.

How do I change my address details

Log in to your portal and go to the 'Address and shipping information' tab and click edit. Deselect the 'Use an existing address' checkbox and add your new address.

Product information

How do I use laundry sheets?

For heavy/family loads of washing, we'd suggest using two sheets, whilst for smaller loads, one will suffice.

Simply add the sheet/s directly into the drum and wash as usual (adding fabric conditioner in the normal way if also using).

What do I do with really stubborn stains?

Just as you would with other detergents, pre-soaking heavily stained garments can be beneficial. Add one sheet to a bowl of water (which will instantly dissolve) and soak for 20 minutes or so. Then wash as suggested above.

Is there a fragrance to the sheets?

Our laundry sheets carry a light, naturally derived scent which results in a far more neutral smell to your wash when compared to mainstream detergents.

We have a lot of information about what makes detergents 'smell fresh' here, but in short, it's often a concoction of chemicals, many of which are toxic. Worse still, manufacturers are not legally obliged to disclose all the ingredients that make up their fragrance!

If you then wear the garments washed in these chemicals, you are directly ingesting them.

We will shortly be launching some all-natural 'fragrance boosters' for those preferring a more distinct smell.

Can I use sheets for hand washing

Absolutely. Depending upon the condition of the garments to be wash, we'd usually recommend one sheet. This will instantly dissolve in the water.

For those with sensitive skin, you might find our sheets much less harsh on your hands than ordinary detergents.

What are the ingredients?

Water (extracted during manufacturing), naturally derived surfactants from coconut oil, polyvinyl alcohol, natural essential oil fragrance derived from Osmanthus.

Osmanthus Absolute Oil is antimicrobial, expectorant, detoxifying and stomachic. The aromatherapy properties of Osmanthus Absolute Oil are both soothing and comforting, lending to its use in essential oil blends for pain relief, meditation and yoga.

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is an extremely common binding agent (often used in contact lens solutions and eye drops), which we use to create our instantly dissolving detergent sheets.

It is completely safe to both humans and aquatic life, and has been rigorously studied, due to its extremely high usage across a multitude of applications.

Is the all the packaging recyclable?

In a word, yes. All our packaging is recyclable.

Will the packaging fit through my letter box?

Our packaging has been specifically designed to easily fit through the vast majority of postboxes worldwide.

The dimensions of our boxes are 24mm H x 196mm L x 115mm W.

Do the sheets work in hot and cold water?

Yes, they dissolve instantly at either hot or cold water temperatures

How many sheets/washes are in a box?

There are 40 sheets in each box. For large heavily soiled loads we would suggest 2 sheets per wash, and 1 sheet for smaller loads

Where are your products shipped from?

All of our orders are shipped via Royal Mail directly from our fulfilment centre in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Where are your laundry sheets manufactured?

We currently have our formula ethically manufactured in China. Our aim is obviously to produce as close as possible to the country in which our product is used. However, there are both economic and practical considerations which dictate our manufacturing process at our current level of subscriptions. Also, as with many eco-friendly alternatives, the raw materials required are not always native to the country in which they are consumed (there is no getting away from the fact that the UK does not produce coconuts, bamboo, natural sponges etc). 

With this being the case we go to considerable lengths to ensure that our product is ethically manufactured, from both a workforce and raw material perspective. Due to the weight of our product (112.5g per box), our carbon footprint is minimal (each of our boxes has a 0.032KgCO2 emission - approx 32/1000000 of a tree for offsetting purposes - transportation via ship), particularly compared to bulky mainstream detergents. We also donate on a monthly basis to Trees For Cities. Given our laundry sheets are plastic-free, zero-waste, non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan, we strongly believe our product represents a better choice.  

How long does delivery take?

Orders take between 1-3 business days to arrive. We ship via Royal Mail 2nd class, via existing Royal Mail delivery routes. This allows us to keep the carbon footprint to a minimum.